The Dry Floral Vase & Shelf Combo


Handmade shelf and floral vase combo

3 options to choose from

Introducing the Dry Floral Vase and Shelf Combo, a collaborative masterpiece with Serenity Homeworkx, a small business based in New Zealand, dedicated to creating the ultimate home decor bundle. This carefully curated combo consists of two different-sized neutral floral vases from Serenity Homeworkx, accompanied by a meticulously handcrafted macramé shelf.

These vases, in elegant neutral tones, offer you the flexibility to adorn your space with timeless charm. Handmade with precision, the macramé shelf features sturdy cotton cord in a natural hue, paired with New Zealand pine wood treated with wood stain for longevity. To infuse a boho-inspired touch, we’ve adorned the shelf with wooden beads.

In essence, the Vase and Shelf Combo harmoniously blends form and function, bringing together the beauty of floral vases with the practical allure of a handmade macramé shelf. Elevate your home decor with this unique collaboration that exudes style and sophistication.

Shelf Measurements: 13.5cm (depth)/39.4cm (width) /73.7cm (total length)

Options include:

Combo 1: 2x Small floral vases

Combo 2: 1xMedium floral Vase & Shelf

Combo 3: 2x Small & 1x Medium floral Vases & Shelf



Combo options

Combo 1 (2x Small floral vases), Combo 2:(1xMedium floral Vase & Shelf), Combo 3: (2x Small & 1x Medium floral Vases & Shelf)

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